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Music is the most important creative force in my life.  I have been creating music since I was a child.  I love to write music for film as well!  Here are some examples of my music. All are original compositions unless indicated as arrangements.  

Also is a link for viewing films for which I have scored the music.  

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Arabian Star

This piece, composed for solo violin and orchestra, was written as a show-piece for Garrian's Solo Stradivari Sample Library

A New Beginning

This piece, composed for solo Cello and orchestra, was written as a show-piece for Garrian's Solo Gofriller sample Library  HERE is the score!!


This piece has an interesting origin.  While searching for the definition for another term, I happened upon a site full of phobias.  One of the phobias was Chronomentrophobia, the fear of clocks. So here's what that sounds like musically. HERE is the score!

Claire's Eyes

Written for Jerry’s daughter, Claire. Piano improvisation.  

December Song

I wrote the music to a poem written by 11 year old Carly Campbell of Pelham, New York. Her Grandmother commissioned me to set it to music as a Christmas present for Carly. It was recorded by the Highland Community College Chamber Choir on November 17th, 2000 with Allen Redford conducting and myself on the piano. It received a great deal of local attention and played on local radio station FM 92.1 the week before Christmas. The Freeport Journal-Standard had a front page article about the piece. (Christmas Day, 2000 Issue). See Article HERE

Also - Here is the score if you are interested in reading:

Woodwind Quartet

Quartet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon. HERE is the score!

Main Theme from "The Enchanted Attic"

This is the main theme of the Enchanted Attic Ballet,  written in 1994 and first performed in 1995.  

Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains

This is one of several Christmas arrangements I did for the annual Garritan Christmas CD.

Lament, for String Orchestra

This is one of my first pieces written for string orchestra. It also features a solo violin     HERE is the score!

Lullaby for Kylee Sadler

This was written for my niece, Kylee soon after her birth.  

Lullaby for my daughter Claire.

This was written for my daughter, Claire, shortly after she was born.  

Morning Sunshine

This was written for my Krape Park video.  

O, du fröliche, O du Selige!

This is one of several Christmas arrangements I did for the annual Garritan Christmas CD.

O, Jesulein Süss, O Jesulein Mild

Written for and included on the 3rd Annual Garritan Community Christmas Album. Arrangement based on Bach’s treatment of this very old German Carol.   HERE is the score!

Obsidian Suite - Prelude

While studying Volcanic Glass in a geology class, I pondered the forces at work in its creation.  Years later I decided to musically capture those forces and abstractly describe the creation of volcanic glass.  This selection is the Prelude to a larger suite (in progress). Click HERE to view the score in PDF format.

Music for Prepared Piano and Flute

This piece was created to explore the erie  sonorities of prepared piano.  The stark, austere sound is accentuated by the solo flute.  

Return, Unto Thy Rest, O My Soul

Choral Setting of Psalm 116.  (Recorded by the Highland Community College Chamber Choir on December 04, 2001)

HERE is the score!  

Scenes from and Around Island Lake

This was my entry for the First Annual Garritan Orchestration Contest and was selected as one of its prize-winning entries.

It is a tone poem depicting scenes from and around Island Lake in Northern Wisconsin. It is organized into four “scenes”.

1. On Island Lake  2.In the Chequamegon Forest  3.The Storm

4.The Morning After the Storm.

The Shepherd's Lonely Vigil

This original composition was written for and included on the 4th Annual Garritan Community Christmas Album.  It features me playing on Recorder and Penny Whistle.  HERE is the score!

The Spirit of God

For SATB Choir,Solo Violin, 2 Flutes, Organ and Piano - May, 2005.  This is an arrangement of the hymn of the same name with text by W.W. Phelps. Recorded live at a May 2005 performance of “Jesus the Christ, a Musical Presentation” in Rockford, Illinois.

The audience sings the 4th verse - with the choir providing musical embellishment. HERE is the score!!

O Tannebaum

This Christmas arrangement was produced for the 8th Annual Garritan Christmas Album.