composer / photographer / film maker


I love film making because it allows me to combine both of my favorite creative endeavors:

Music and Photography.  

Below is a sampling of some of my creative work in film.  I have also created a company where I produce personal documentaries for people.

This allows me to write, film, direct, compose and produce a product which preserves a family's history!  

IMPORTANT - it is recommended that you click on the full screen icon at the bottom of the YouTube

window when playing. This allows for a better viewing experience for each sample.  

Scenes from Island Lake

Northern Wisconsin.  

Showing off several scenes of and around Island Lake in N. Wisconsin.

Film and music by Jerry Wickham

Krape Park

Shots of various areas of Krape Park, in Freeport Illinois.  

Film and music by Jerry Wickham

Liberty Bell

This video shows off the legendary Liberty Bell. Philadelphia, PA.

Film and music by Jerry Wickham

Babbling Brook EPA Video

I was hired to produce this for the EPA as part of a EPA Grant the River Conservancy District received to rebuild the banks of Babbling Brook, in the community of Lost Lake in Northern Illinois.

Film and music by Jerry Wickham