composer / photographer / film maker


Jerry L. Wickham

Current Residence: West Valley City, Utah

I started piano lessons when I was 4 years old, started to create my own music at 7, and have been actively pursuing music as a career since my late teens.

I have an Associate of Arts degree from Highland Community College in Freeport, Illinois.

I studied History and Music at Northern Illinois University.

I have been associated with Garritan Libraries and have written several demo pieces as show-pieces for various products, some of which I have also had the privilege of beta-testing.

In addition to writing music and taking photos, I have started up a business where I produce personal documentaries for people. My company, My Legacy Film, allows me to pursue nearly all my creative endeavors.  I get to write, do historical research, film, direct, compose music, do graphic design work, create sound-design, and all in the effort to preserve someone's family history and memories.  It really is a dream job!  

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